Friday, February 19, 2010

HTC will stick with Microsoft and Google Operating System

According to foreign media reports, Taiwan smartphone maker HTC CEO Peter Chou said Thursday the company's long-term use of Microsoft and Google mobile phone operating system.

HTC is Microsoft's long-term partner, is also Google launched its first own-brand teams, equipped with mobile phones on behalf of the Android software, industrial plants.

"We are Microsoft's commitment has never changed," Chou Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress), said. "Of course, we also stick to Android, and we are both long-term commitment."

Microsoft earlier this week at the meeting, introduced a new version of mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was the first time to participate in the meeting and delivered a speech.

HTC this week announced two new Android phone and a Windows mobile phone, there is a low-cost smart phone Smart, did not use Microsoft or Google's software, and use Qualcomm's chipsets, only about half the price.

HTC said last month that its gross margin to be 32% from the fourth quarter fell to about 30%, but Chou said that investors over-worried. HTC is the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturers.

"I think some people misunderstand that we will be a significant expense of profits," he said. "We will definitely improve the company's overall profits, so HTC is more competitive, and increasingly strong."

"Our profit is only a small fluctuation, not too serious," he said. "I think our future and our competitiveness and make the right choice, but we have great confidence in their own strategy."

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