Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sony Ericsson released the whole key to Aspen

In order to fierce market competition, manufacturers have all the hope of drawing more specific design concepts to show their own distinctive. Thus, in addition to the hardware specifications and product design make a big fuss, the subject matter, such as environmental protection and other content companies have begun to become separate ways to seek a breakthrough in one of the ways. Recently, the introduction of praise from all of the GreenHeart popular series, Sony Ericsson make persistent efforts, the first time, its smart phones labeled green label, has officially released the latest environmentally friendly green certified business smart phone - Sony Ericsson Lixin Aspen.

For Sony Ericsson, this environmentally-friendly business smart phone, perhaps we will not be unfamiliar. The aircraft had to "Faith" in the name of the network have had exposure, and has become the Sony Ericsson's first candy bar style phone full keyboard. Published information from the official point of view, Sony Ericsson, Aspen has two main features worthy of our attention. First of all, in the smart phone products for the first time introduced the concept of environmental protection, including those from outside to inside a variety of environmental design, such as water-based spray paint, recycled plastic (green charger, environmental protection and headset, environmental protection and reduction package), Eco mate Application procedures, operational guidelines and other electronic machine is not only embodies the main features as GreenHeart series, but also to become the first paragraph has a green certified environmentally-friendly business smartphone. Secondly, the phone is still relatively rare in the provision of the current operating mode of the touch-screen QWERTY full keyboard phone, not only equipped with a 2.4-inch QVGA resolution, 65K color screen and powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system, but also has a full QWERTY keyboard, and to provide touch-operated functions and handwriting recognition.

Sony Ericsson Aspen also offers a variety of panels so that users can use in their daily lives into a personalized exclusive adjustable panel, such as the daily patterns and business models to provide two kinds of interface options, and the finger sliding screen, open the individual common functions can be quickly , and in the need to enter text or edit the e-mail when you can with a full keyboard for more efficient and convenient text input method. As a business phone, Sony Ericsson mobile phones Aspen also supported the view Office documents, PDF files, and also emphasized that a simple e-mail settings, and do not care if the phone is lost, users can also use Microsoft MyPhone services, remote operation remove the cell phone of the important data. In addition, the phone will continue to use the Spb Mobile Shell3.0 software to create user interfaces, can have a flexible 3D animation engine, intelligent Facebook integration, scrolling display function, a variety of small tools and a variety of practical innovation and so on.

In addition to excellent business features, Sony Ericsson, Aspen also offers a wealth of entertainment features. Has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and multimedia player, FM radio and PlayNow support services, and built-in 3.2 million pixel camera, but it is rather a pity that did not provide auto-focus features. In order to meet the current users prefer mobile Internet boom, Sony Ericsson has also built many of Aspen social networking services, including Facebook, Skype, YouTube, CNN, Twitter, Windows Live, as well as Google Mobile and other applications. Of course, as a business handset a natural and ultimately a comprehensive wireless network capabilities. The Sony Ericsson Aspen not only support the GSM / GPRS / WCDMA / HSPA high-speed network, but also provides a WiFi wireless LAN access capabilities, so users can connect to the network through a variety of ways.

Aspen Sony Ericsson Other features include support for A-GPS navigation and Google Maps, has a power-saving mode, and supports Bluetooth technology and is equipped with standard micro-USB interface, can make use of micro-SDHC memory card to obtain the maximum 16GB capacity on demand. However, in the volume in the Nokia E71 Sony Ericsson Aspen slightly large compared to its body size of 117 × 60 × 12.45 mm, weight was 130 grams. Mobile phones equipped with the standard battery case, the available 600 hours standby time and up to eight hours of continuous talk time. It is reported that phone will provide two kinds of classic black and white silver body color options, is expected to hit retail shelves in the second quarter of this year. While the official did not disclose the sales people are concerned about price, but according to Sony Ericsson's Asia Pacific vice president of marketing Peter Ang's argument that the opportunity is an "affordable" mobile phone.

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